RXTMR on Gandang Gabi Vice!

So last night on Gandang Gabi Vice, The Morning Rush jocks: Chico, Delamar and Gino guested. It was actually more funny when we watched it live during the taping since they censored and removed some of the parts of their segment. I noticed during the Wednesday taping (because GGV tapes every Wednesday) majority of the audience were not…enjoying. Not because they weren’t funny, but because they aren’t familiar with the trio.

TMR jocks and Vice Ganda

After their GGV taping

Sayang! They could have enjoyed the segment like the rushers did.

The Rushers and Eka

The Morning Rush is a radio show on Monster Radio RX 93. 1 every Mondays to Fridays, 6am to 10am. They are known for doing the famous Top 10. Everyday they think of a topic and people/listeners will tweet them entries to be read by Chico. People really do listen to them that’s why they trend on Twitter everyday. No joke!

They’ve been on air since I don’t know when. I love them! So if you don’t know them yet, it’s never too late! Listen to their podcasts if you can’t catch their very early schedule HAHA!

Me and Eka with Chico, Delamar, and Gino

Yes. I am a rusher, a proud one! We’ve been to the RX booth twice already and they are really nice! They do take time to entertain rushers who come and visit them at the RX booth so why not visit them too.

So go listen to them every Mondays to Friday, 6am to 10am on RX 93.1! Enjoy!


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